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Our History

Founded in 2006, Pratiko is the result of the tenacity and hard work of two inspired brothers, Jean-Marc Landry and Michel Landry, convinced they could develop new technologies as well as new products to satisfy their client’s needs.

In June 2011, Pratiko received an honorary plate for it’s impressive progression and growth from the “Centre d’Aide aux Entreprises du Val-St-François”. This acknowledgement confirmed the value of the Pratiko’s team efforts and motivated the team’s innovative vision, propelling the company forward into the future.

PratikoMedical is a spin-off company based in Lyndonville, Vermont  which regroup the medical and mobility solutions that were developed since 2009.  This new facility was opened in 2017 and is taking the lead on development, manufacturing and distribution of the medical and mobility solutions.

The star product of the company is “the Automatic Braking System for Wheelchair”, shortly named the WABSY, that won the “Health and Safety innovation of the year” in 2015.

PratikoMedical is actively working on several new innovative products for mobility. A prototype of a new walker was presented in spring 2017 in Quebec City and was voted “Innovation of the Year” by Occupational Therapists.

With 3 US patents and many safety innovations, we are confident that our products will create and provide safety, liberty and peace of mind for both the patients and there loved one.

The team at Pratiko Medical wish to thank all of our customers, retailers and users for contributing to our company’s growth for the past years and we are excited to embrace the upcoming years of innovations and safety.

2015 Health and Safety Product

2011 Growth Award

New Walker from Pratiko voted "2017 Innovative Product of the Year"

2017 Finalist

"Innovation of the Year!"

(Association for the Development of the Research and Innovation in the Province of Quebec, CANADA)

Organized by the ADRIQ

The Winner will be Awarded on November 30th in Montréal

The Medical:

Automatic braking system for wheelchair bringing safety, profiled rubber Handrim / handrail for wheelchair giving comfort, longer lasting, looks and safety with the phoshorescent version, manual brake extension for wheelchair and adapted utensils with silicone sleeve. All medical products developed by PRATIKO follow the same philosophy… reducing falls risk, keep people at home as long as possible and ease the life for people with mobility restrictions.

Visit www.pratikopratik.com to know about our complete line of Industrial and Back to School Products

PratikoMedical Inc USA

1713 Industrial Parkway (Suite 103)
Lyndonville, Vermont, USA.

Phone : (802) 748-0099
Fax: (802) 748-0048

Pratiko Inc Canada

20, rue Saffin
Danville, Québec
J0A 1A0

Phone: (819) 839-3303
Toll Free: 1 855-905-3300
Fax: (819) 839-1242

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