WABSY: Innovation in the service of safety

The anti-rollback wheelchair brake system to protect your loved ones

WABSY is an innovative anti roll-back system that reacts instantly to pressure applied on the seat of the wheelchair under which it is installed. Its aim is to increase user safety by limiting the risk of falls due to misuse of manual brakes. Its well-thought-out and solid design means it can be installed under almost any folding wheelchair available on the market.

A pressure-responsive system

When the user stands up from the wheelchair, the releasing pressure on the seat activates steel pins which engage in locking discs to immobilize the wheels. In the opposite case, when the user sits down, the pressure applied to the system allows the steel pins to withdraw from the discs, restoring wheel movement.

Our solutions for safety

WABSY is ideal for people with cognitive impairments (Alzheimer’s, ADHD, Parkinson’s, etc.), those with a history of frequent falls or at risk of falling, those living with a physical handicap or simply wheelchair users.

A complete and easy-to-install system

WABSY technical specifications
  • Lightweight (approx. 4.5 kg)
  • Fits most wheelchairs
  • Allows the wheelchair to retain its foldability
  • Requires a weight of 8kg to activate on its own
  • Instant locking as soon as user stands up
  • Release lever to move wheelchair when empty.

Installation material

Installation takes less than 90 minutes. To download the installation guide, click here .

Étape 1 – Installation des disques de frein
Étape 2 – Montage des blocs pour freins