Pivotor: an Innovative Patient Turning Aid Device

A comfort-enhancing solution for all

The Pivotor is a tool that enables any caregiver or care worker to turn a bedridden person on his side with a minimum of physical effort and without the help of another person.

Making care easier with Pivotor

Pivotor makes a real difference on daylife as it can be used to facilitate health care (bandages change, etc.) , hygiene care (diaper changes, dressing, bed bathing, etc.). or simply moving a beddriden person (bed sores prevention, blood flow improvement, avoid muscle atrophy, etc.). It makes the procedure smoother for the patient, and physically easier for the caregiver, especially when the rotation has to be performed several times a day and alone. With the help of the Pivotor, the interventionist can now perform the rotation alone, safely and in the patient’s comfort.

An easy-to-use solution

Using Pivotor is very simple : simply insert the patient’s lower thighs into the oppenings, then use one hand to push or pull lightly on the turning device, and the other hand to assist the patient’s back. You can leave the patient in a lateral position while you perform the treatment, positioning a pillow at shoulder blade height to prevent the patient from rolling backwards.

Pivotor: a good fit for your work environment

The Pivotor finish is a urethane spray, which means it seals the object and makes it free of any openings (no zips, seams or cracks). That way, bacterias can’t get inside the tool. What’s more, the high resistance of urethane means you can disinfect the Pivotor between every uses with any of the cleaning products you already use in your workplace.