Our Products

We have developed a range of Pratiko Medical products in order to respond to
many current problems.

Automatic Break System for Wheelchairs

Our automatic break system for wheelchairs was conceived to prevent falls and injuries related to the misuse of manual break systems which come standard on wheelchairs. 

How it works

The detection system is installed under the seat of the wheelchair. Therefore, as soon as the user gets up from the seat, the system automatically triggers steel teeth to engage the brake disks, which are directly installed to the wheels. Thus, the wheels become locked and allow the user to lean and push on the chair without worry. On the other hand, when the user sits down, the detection system retracts the steel teeth from the disk, allowing the wheel to rotate freely.

  • Light (approx. 4.5 kg);
  • Universal system that can be installed on most wheelchairs;
  • Allows the wheelchair to maintain its foldability;
  • Min. weight requirement of 8 kg for automatic activation;
  • Instant response upon user getting up;
  • Clearance lever for displacement with no user.

  • 1 year guarantee;
  • Little maintenance required.


The installation requires less than 90 minutes. Besides, the installation guide is available online.

Propulsion rings

Pratiko Propulsion Rings were conceived to facilitate gripping and therefore simplify displacement.

  • Oversized grips;
  • Interior surface of rings: corrugated to facilitate grasp;
  • Exterior surface of rings: smooth to make it easier to push.

Available Firmness
  1. Smooth and non-slip: ideal for people with difficulty gripping, because the simple use of their palms is enough to advance;
  2. Semi-smooth: Insulating, it is comfortable to grip;
  3. Firm: It allows for sudden stops and changes of direction.

  • 1 year Guarantee (normal use*);
  • Rings covered in an industrial urethane rubber to increase durability.


Installation is quick and simple.

Extension for Manual Brake Lever

The lever extension permits the user to grip the manual brake with ease, which considerably reduces the risk of falling.

  • Reduces strength needed to apply the manual brake by 50%;
  • Oversized to allow user to easily access;
  •  Diameter of 1in and angled 3in outward (does not affect standard width of wheelchair).

  • 1 year guarantee (normal use*);
  • Made with rigid industrial urethane.


Installation is quick and simple.

  1. Slide extension onto existing brake lever;
  2. Lock in extension with « hidden screw » located at the base. 

Adapted Utensils

The adapted utensils offer superior comfort and maneuverability while handling. Additionally, the « heavy » model aids in stabilizing tremors.

Silicon Sleeve Features
  • A supple silicon sleeve is moulded to the utensil, improving grip and comfort for the user;
  • Temperature resistant: Can withstand the heat of industrial dishwashers;
  • The handle is shaped with ridges for finger placement to improve stability;
  • Removable;

Available colors: red, blue, black.

Utensil Features
  • Made of stainless steel;
  • Dishwasher resistant;
  • Adjustable.

Available Utensils: Knife, Fork, Teaspoon, Tablespoon

Available Weight
  1. Light (100g), offers good grip;
  2. Heavy(250g), stabilizes tremors and shaking.


1 year guarantee (normal use*)


Installation is quick and simple.

Shower Chair Cushion and Backrest

The shower chair cushion and backrest allow for improved comfort all the while remaining durable and easy to disinfect. 

  • Made to fit Arjo Alenti shower chair;
  • Does not widen the chair;
  • Suction cups allow cushion to adhere to the seat and ledges allow the backrest to adhere to the back of the chair;
  • Stands out due to its exceptional comfort: Smooth and Soft;
Durability and maintenance
  • 1 year guarantee (normal use*);
  • Clean with Virox and rince with hot water. 

Installation is quick and simple.

Padded Monolithic Coating

Our padded monolithic coating is made from spray urethane. While spray urethane can be used on all types of surfaces, it provides a protective barrier against abrasion and chemical attack. It can also be used as a coating.

Products and Applications
  1. Isolation room covering: installation of 6″ urethane foam to be covered with monolithic urethane with fire retardant.
  2. Mattress manufacturing: urethane foam coated with a monolithic urethane.
  3. Furniture manufacturing (chair and other products to come): urethane foam coated with a monolithic urethane.
  4. Manufacturing of intervention shields: urethane foam coated with a monolithic urethane + metal structure.

Advantages of Padded Monolithic Coating
  • Easy to clean;
  • Resistant to cleaning products;
  • Is fused with urethane foam;
  • Has no joints;
  • Resists tearing and breaking.

Sprayed Urethane Application Surface
  • Metallic;
  • Wooden;
  • Plastic;
  • Concrete.