The anti-Rollback System is installed under the wheelchair.

Automatic Brake System for Wheelchairs

Our Anti-Rollback System for wheelchairs was conceived to prevent falls and injury related to the misuse of manual break systems which come standard on wheelchairs.

How it Works

The detection system is installed under the seat of the wheelchair. Therefore, as soon as the user gets up from the seat, the system automatically triggers steel teeth to engage the brake disks, which are directly installed to the wheels. Thus, the wheels become locked and allow the user to lean and push on the chair without worry. On the other hand, when the user sits down, the detection system retracts the steel teeth from the disk, allowing the wheel to rotate freely.


  • Light (approx. 4.5 kg);
  • Universal system that can be installed on most wheelchairs;
  • Allows the wheelchair to maintain its foldability;
  • Min. weight requirement of 8kg for automatic activation;
  • Instant response upon user getting up;
  • Clearance lever for displacement with no user.


  • 1 year guarantee;
  • Little maintenance required.


  • Installation requires less than 90min;
  • Installation guide available online.